7 Tips to Increase the Number of Horses in Your Car

7 Tips to Increase the Number of Horses in Your Car:

Are you a car lover with a horse in your heart? Then you know how important it is to have great car storage. Without the right storage, even the most beautifully designed car can be rendered practically unusable. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to increase the number of horses in your car. Even if you don’t drive every day and only use your car occasionally, there are many benefits to having proper car storage.

 Whether you keep a car for occasional weekend trips or because it’s part of your job, having excellent storage means that you’re more likely to use that car whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you need more space for your horses in your car, read on for 7 tips that will help get you started.


Make a Game Plan:

Decide what your goals are and what you’ll use the car for. This will help you determine how much space you need and what kinds of features you want. For example, if you need to transport a large horse, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of leg space. 

If you need to transport a large number of horses, you’ll want to make sure you have space for tack, feed, and water. If you have an older car with few storage options, you may want to consider trading it in for a new car with more modern features. New cars often come with great storage space and lots of safety features that can make driving easier.

 If you drive a truck, you’ll probably have more space to work with, but there are still many ways to optimize this space, as well. You’ll probably want to invest in some of the same types of equipment that car drivers use, such as a car coop for hay, a feeder, and a water bucket.


Add a Car Coop:

  1. A car coop is an excellent way to transport hay and other feed. 

  2. You can attach it to the back of your car, the side, or the roof. If you attach it to the back, you’ll want to be careful that there isn’t too much weight on that side of the car.
  3.  A car coop attaches to the side of your car. If you attach it to the side, be sure that it doesn’t obstruct the flow of air through your car’s ventilation system.
  4.  You may also want to consider attaching it to the roof, but again, be careful not to put too much weight on that side of the car. If you have a pickup truck, you may want to consider installing a pickup bed extender.
  5.  This is a large piece of wood that sits on the back of your truck. It is excellent for transporting feed and tack and works great for almost any type of car.


Utilize the Trunk:

The trunk is one of the best places to store tack and feed. If you have a car that has a remote trunk release, you can open the trunk from inside the car, which will save you from having to climb out and around to access the trunk. There are a few ways to store feed in the trunk. You can put a few bags of feed in large rubber feed bags and rest them on the floor of the trunk.

 You can also put large feed bags on their side and put smaller bags inside of them. You can put bags or containers of tack or equipment on the top of the feed bags. This will keep them out of the way while allowing you to easily access them when you need them.


Maximize Your Storage Options:

If you’re having trouble fitting all of your tack or feed in the trunk, you may want to consider getting some tack and feed bags. These bags are designed to hold large quantities of tack or feed and can help make more room in your car. If you have bags of feed or tack that won’t fit in the trunk, you can put them inside a horse blanket. 

This will keep the feed or tack from getting wet if it rains, and it will also keep feed and tack from blowing away if you’re driving in a high-wind situation. You can also use a feed or tack net on top of the feed bags in the trunk to keep them from blowing away.


Install a Lift Kit:

If you need to transport a large horse, you may want to consider installing a lift kit. This will lift the horse off the ground so that it doesn’t have to lie in its own manure. 

This is a great way to keep your horse comfortable and safe. A lift kit is essentially a large platform that attaches to either the front or back of your car. This can be a very simple system, but many car owners prefer to get more sophisticated equipment, such as hydraulic lifts. 

Many hydraulic lifts can be controlled from inside the car, which can be very convenient. It’s important to remember that the more equipment you put on your car, the less weight your car will be able to carry. Before installing a lift kit, be sure to calculate how much weight your car can carry.


Add Wheel Spacers or Suspension Extensions:

If you need more leg room, you can increase the space between the bottom of the car and the ground by adding wheel spacers or suspension extensions.

 However, keep in mind that doing this will increase the distance between the ground and your horse’s leg, which may cause your horse to step higher. You may want to use spacers with a lift kit to keep your horse from stepping too high. If you need more room for tack, you can purchase a roof rack. 

This will give you more room for feed and tack. If you have a pickup truck, you can also get a trailer that attaches to the back of the truck.


Add an Audio System:

If you’re going to be driving with your horse for long periods, you may want to consider installing an audio system in your car. This will allow you to play music for your horse and keep both of you entertained.

 Before installing an audio system, be sure to check your local and state laws regarding sound systems in cars. You may also want to consider installing a Bluetooth speaker so that you can talk to your passengers without disturbing anyone.



Owning a car is a big responsibility and requires careful maintenance to avoid breakdowns. With proper car storage, you can keep your car in great shape and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you want to see more horses in your car, follow these 7 tips to increase the number of horses in your car. 

From installing a lift kit to putting feed in rubber bags, there are many ways to optimize your car storage. And once your car is ready for horses, you’ll be eager to take your horses for a ride. 

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