Roger Mercedes-Benz SL just got faster

The advantages of this powerful car Mercedes-Benz :

Mercedes-Benz brought a restyled Roadster SL to Motorshow in Los Angeles. The model became faster, and also received a new transmission, improved auxiliary electronic systems and a more powerful basic version.

Roger Mercedes-Benz SL just got faster

The predecessor of the Roadster is distinguished by a modified radiator grille, a different front bumper and hood, enlarged air. LED light fields are now offered as standard equipment.

cohesion strength:

  • Roger received an updated adaptive suspension active body control.
  •  She had the function of actively suppressing rolls that work at speeds from 15 to 180 kilometers per hour.

Upgraded gearbox:

In addition, SL equipped with an improved dynamic first-rate function, changing transmission configuration, suspension and direction, depending on the style of the ride. A total of five modes will be available, among which the Sport Plus version appeared recommended for "Extreme Driving On The Perfect Roadway".

Engine Capacity and Acceleration:

  1. The basic version of the Rhodoster (SL 400) is equipped with the same three-liter V6 unit, which increased with 333 horses and 480 Nm of torque to 367 forces and 500 Nm.
  2.  The more powerful version (SL 500) is equipped with a 455-horsepower (700 Nm) 4.7-liter V8 unit.

Both engines work in a pair with a nine-speed "automatic", which came to the change of semi-diamond transmission. Mercedes-Benz SL 400 and SL 500 are able to type the first "hundred" for 4.9 and 4.3 seconds, respectively, which is 0.3 seconds faster than their predecessors.

"Accused" modification of the model - Mercedes-AMG SL 63 is equipped with a 5.5-liter biturbox "ok", developing 585 horses and 900 Nm of torque. The engine allows the route to accelerate from Scratch to a hundred kilometers per hour in 4.1 seconds - by 0.1 seconds faster than the corresponding Desrestayling version.

Mercedes modifications and engine power development:

The most prominent modification of Mercedes-AMG SL 65 is equipped with a 630-strong (1000 Nm) six-liter V12 engine with two turbines, thanks to which Roger picks up "Hundred" in four seconds.

Both AMG versions work in a pair with a seven-speed automatic ". The maximum speed is limited by electronic 250 kilometers per hour, however, when they install the AMG driver's package optional package, the limiter will move to a mark of 300 kilometers per hour.

European sales of the updated Rostcher Mercedes-Benz SL will begin in April 2016. The price of the model is not yet called. In Russia, the current basic SL will cost 6.1 million rubles, and the cost of the top version is 15.9 million rubles.

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