The Rarest Cars In The World

What in the world can be compared to a collection of rare items? Especially those that are no longer manufactured. Many people are willing to shell out phenomenal money to supplement their collection of rare things another unique specimen. But compared to stamps or old coins to find and get an exclusive car very difficult. You can buy a fabulously expensive car, but how to determine what is unique?

The Rarest Cars In The World

This list will help collectors and car enthusiasts to learn more about truly rare vehicles. Not all machines can be called the fastest or the incredibly beautiful. Some of them seemed completely impractical, even useless. But all of them are distinguished by the fact that these vehicles are not visible on the street, because their amount can be determined using the fingers of one hand.


This machine was built in 1954, it was never put into serial production. There were made 4 units of the "Panther", of which two have survived to the present day. Now that two-seater sports car with an elegant exterior and interior design is valued at around 800 thousand dollars.


The first sports car of the famous German company was produced in the period from 1957 to 1963. It was equipped with characteristic rising doors in the form of seagull wings. While the 215 cv sports car was one of the fastest in the world.

Due to the small number of copies and the Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing unique design is on the list of wanted purchases of almost all car collectors. That explains why the cost of such a machine - about $ 1.5 million.


  • From the name of the car it is easy to guess the date of manufacture. In 1948, the company managed to collect 51 For example, before the following March it was closed due to financial problems and the pressure of the more famous and rich competitors.
  • Provided two doors model differed central location propagandist and 150 CV 6 cylinders capable of dispersing the car to 100 km / hr in 10 seconds. The car, originally worth about 4 thousand dollars, is now valued at $ 1.2 million.


In 1921, the French car company Leyat introduced its first model - Helica, dubbed "The airplane without wings." Machine plane really reminded of the time, as in the movement of air chetyrehlopastnym screw, and could be dispersed to 70 km / h speed. A double open body was made of plywood. Passenger seat is located behind the driver, and a special metal mesh protected the driver from the rotating blades.

Only 6 years Leyat managed to sell 30 copies of this unusual car. One of them can be seen in the Paris Museum of Arts and Crafts.


Introduced sports car could be the ideal Batmobile, if in place, instead of superhero Bruce Wayne butler Alfred is present. All were released on the 12th of these cars, and each of them is worth a fortune - $ 2.5 million.


  1. This prototype was built in the early 70s of the last century and was considered at the time one of the fastest cars in the world.
  2. All were released 11 copies, of which one is in the United States, and the rest - in the United Arab Emirates. Approximate price of the sports car in the private car market equals $ 3 million.


When the car in 1904 went to car company doors for the first time, in the power of its engine (15 horsepower), as part of a small power station. The machine is the first child of the legendary Rolls-Royce company.

Of the twenty-four cars released to the present, six copies have survived, and each of them is valued by insurance companies in a colossal amount - $35 million.


This sports car stands out incredibly powerful for the 50 250-horses engine. The car with the chassis of the Chevrolet Corvette and the ultra-light fiberglass body was issued only four copies. For each of those collectors should pay now about 3.5 million.


In the world, only one collection can boast of this car, because it was released in a single copy. Initially, the company "Aston Martin" planned to build 25 "Bulldogs", but to realize this idea failed. But the 750 cv sports car with a wedge-shaped design became the prototype for the production of the DMC-12 camera.

The cost of "Dogo" is 1.3 million dollars, but it is an acceptable price for a single car on the planet.


Of course, what is the classification of unique vehicles without a representative of the Italian company "Ferrari"? Vehicles produced in one unit are incredibly expensive - about $ 10 million.

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