All you need to know about the off-road queen The Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is an off-road pick-up manufactured by Toyota since 1968. The eighth generation is currently marketed, presented in 2015 and updated in 2020 . The Toyota Hilux is one of the toughest and most durable vehicles you can buy, characterized by a long history of business, legendary reliability and an ability to withstand repeated abuse , as its track record attests. 

Units destined for the European market are manufactured mainly at the Toyota factory in Durban (South Africa), although units from the Chachoengsao factory (Thailand) are also received.

The direct rivals of the Toyota Hilux in the market are the Ford Ranger , the Mitsubishi L-200 or the Nissan Navara . All of them have a format similar to that of the Toyota Hilux and cover a wide range of prices and features within the pick-up format.

All you need to know about the off-road queen The Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux 2021 Presale 10:

Toyota Hilux exterior design as a pick-up:

  • The Toyota Hilux is characterized by offering a continuous and easily recognizable aesthetic within its lineage . 
  • Its proportions and dimensions are the usual ones in the medium-sized pick-up segment, although it does find a more current and striking image on the front after its last revision presented in 2020 .
  • Within this latest update, it is worth highlighting the presence of a more aggressive front with optics with LED technology or a more prominent front grille, thus following the design line seen in other models of the brand such as the RAV4 or the Highlander .

Toyota Hilux 2021 Presale 15:

Toyota Hilux Engine:

The mechanical offer available in the Hilux range has two diesel mechanical options: 2.4 with 150 hp and 2.8 with 204 hp . We are talking about well-proven engines in the brand to offer a high level of reliability and thrust, guaranteeing good performance when it comes to transporting heavy loads in the worst possible scenarios. The transmission is always a 6-speed manual, or a 6-speed torque converter automatic.

The Toyota Hilux is based on a stringer chassis and has a rear leaf spring suspension, a gearbox, a rear differential lock and a total absence of a center differential .

Toyota Hilux 2021 Presale 12

  1. This absence of a center differential is the simplest and most effective solution when facing difficult terrain with very low grip, such as steep slopes of dirt or snow, but in return it will prevent us from driving on dry asphalt with the 4x4 drive engaged, since the front wheels would be forced to give the same number of revolutions as the rear wheels, which would end up breaking the transmission.
  2. The Hilux's rear leaf spring suspension is optimal for supporting large loads without getting disheveled and for driving on rough terrain with ease, although it is not the most appropriate when we talk about behavior on the road, since it will tend to rebound especially when we circulate without charge. It should be remembered that this is primarily a work vehicle, although we also find a playful approach that may suit many buyers.

Toyota Hilux 2021 Presale 16:

Interior design of the Toyota Hilux:

The Toyota Hilux has single cab and double cab versions and with finishes that range from the most rudimentary industrial truck to that of a modern and spacious SUV, something that Toyota has taken care of in its latest updates to offer a level of equipment and technology in line to the most modern cars or SUVs.

In its high-end versions, it could be used as a family vehicle , since its comfort and insulation are similar to those of a car, although it would have two important limitations.

Toyota Hilux 2021 Presale 14:

The first clear limitation as a family car is its total length , which comfortably exceeds 5 meters, with which driving a car like this in any European city would quickly become a nightmare when entering a parking lot or simply driving or park in narrow streets.

  • The second critical point that this industrial vehicle shows if we try to use it as a private car, would be its somewhat critical behavior if we want to drive at a happy pace , 
  • since on asphalt we will be forced to use rear-wheel drive. 

This, added to the leaf spring suspension, conditions its driving dynamics, offering a behavior that is too "live" if we drive with little or no load on the rear axle.

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