What types of cars insurance companies are good to deal with

What types of car insurance companies are good to deal with:

Cars insurance is a subject that every vehicle owner knows quite well. However, when you have a company where cars or other types of company vehicles are used, they have a special insurance, called company car insurance .

But what are those insurances? What types are there? How to count them? Are there more benefits than with normal car insurance? We explain it to you below.

  1.  What is company car insurance
  2. Types of company car insurance
 Insurance by fleet
 Different insurance of the same fleet

 How to calculate car insurance
 Benefits of company vehicle insurance
What types of cars insurance companies are good to deal with

What is company car insurance:

In general, company car insurance is a way to protect that vehicle that has professional use , that is, it is used to perform work. It is not the same with private insurance, for example the one you have on your car or motorcycle, because you do not use it for work, but for travel, leisure ... in other words personal use.

This type of insurance has different conditions than those known and also different requirements That will depend on the type chosen (because there are several options). But before talking about the types of car insurance for companies, you need to know what kind of vehicles can be insured with this . In general you can ensure:

For company cars . That is for passenger cars that your employees or company managers use to be able to get the job done. Here you can also include vans or trucks, because they are vehicles used for delivery, transport, technical service ...

For machinery :

We are talking about mechanical vehicles, which can also have insurance.

In trucks and heavy vehicles :

They are vehicles that, due to their conditions, require more specific insurance for them.

In fleets . Finally, you have company car insurance for "fleets", understanding such a large number of vehicles in the company. For example, in a bus company, they may have many to cover the different routes.

Types of company car insurance:

In the insurance categories for company cars, we find two types:

Insurance by fleet:

They are one of the choices most chosen by companies, because it is characterized by encompassing all the vehicles of the company in a single contract. 

  • Thus one chooses a type of insurance based on coverage, being able to choose third party, extended third party or full risk insurance.
  • And what coverages are the most common? Well, they can be windows, theft, fire ... The truth is that companies get great flexibility, because it is about creating insurance that covers the needs of each vehicle.

As a separate, it is that all vehicle police must be insured , that is to all who can use it at some point. Even in the fleets of car companies, the same is done.

Different insurance of the same fleet:

Another option among the types of cars insurance for companies is to insure each vehicle according to its use. They would be within the same fleet, but each would have their own terms and coverage.

It is very similar to individual insurance , but with some advantages, especially when it comes to a high number of vehicles that can be insured. Of course, in many cases both the insured and the owner of the policy are the same "person", which may be in the name of the company.

How to calculate car insurance:

Previously, to calculate the car insurance with an insurer, you had to go to an office, so that they could comment on the different options, coverages and give you an approximate calculation of the cost of that insurance. 

  • However, new technologies have made it possible to abandon this and encourage you to complete the process yourself.
  • To do it, you must enter the website of the insurer that interests you, and they will have a form or section in which, through a few steps, where you determine the type of insurance, vehicle and coverage, they will give you a final result (sometimes on the screen, other times in your email) with the estimated price. For example, car insurance can be calculated here .

What others do is call you on the phone to advise you and see if you are interested in insurance. In those cases, they can sometimes improve the price they gave you online, or they are more flexible. In any case, this calculation is temporary, because later you can evaluate whether or not to include more coverage and, therefore, have a more complete car insurance policy.

Benefits of company vehicle insurance:

Considering having company car insurance, whether fleet or not, can lead to some benefits for the company. And it is not the same to insure one car than to do it to 20 vehicles. Insurers tend to offer significant savings for the number of insurance to be contracted, sometimes up to 40% or more on the price and depending on the contracting.

  1. They can have as much coverage as individual insurance ; or have more coverage because the use given to a private car is not the same as a company car.
  2. Insurance is more flexible . Company insurance is more flexible because it adapts to the characteristics of the company, the number of vehicles and the conditions it must have (if there is insurance for different drivers, roadside assistance, replacement vehicle ...).
  3. Procedures are simplified . Companies don't usually do just one company car insurance policy; make several. And the administration implements, exceptionally, in a single policy.

They can be contracted online . Goodbye to having to take time to go to office; now you can put them online and manage everything.

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