All you need to know about The 2022 Tesla version Y

In this article, we are able to check a number of the brand new functions coming in the 2022 model. We are able to additionally provide an explanation for the advantages and drawbacks of the version Y in addition to the variations between the versions of Yield and long range.

New functions inside the 2022 Tesla model Y:

Much like every other Tesla, the version Y is constantly up to date with regular software updates.

Out of doors of these enhancements, the 2022 model Y also comes with a few considerable hardware improvements that purpose to enhance performance each within the vehicle itself and inside the software that powers the powerful 15-inch display screen.

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Lithium-Ion Battery improve:

  • The 2022 Tesla version Y boasts a lighter 12-volt lithium-ion battery that replaces the conventional lead-acid battery of preceding models. 
  • W hy did Tesla decide to alternate the sort of batteries they use, particularly while lead-acid batteries are the norm? 

Lead-acid batteries may cost less up the front, but they have got some hidden charges.

First, they've appreciably shorter lifespans. In addition they require greater protection to characteristic well than a lithium battery.

New tesla model Y 2022 comes with lithium-ion batteries:

Tesla hopes to lessen the number of instances a Tesla proprietor ought to update their batteries by investing a bit greater in their batteries.

Faster Processor:

Tesla model Y 2022 comes with a new Ryzen chip for the 15-en display screen

A brand new AMD Ryzen chip is now coming with the 2022 replace. This chip will power the media pc and provide a faster and faster person interface for the ones on board.

The massive touchscreen is the model Y's major hub for controlling nearly each aspect of the car. 

Blind Spot digital camera approach:

The brand new blind spot camera help permits Tesla proprietors to now see a stay camera view in their blind spot every time they set off the turn sign. This makes it more secure to make turns or exchange lanes when on a highway.

Lumo display feature:

This new feature is just for fun! Tesla mild show turns your Tesla right into a splendid light display set to track. The show makes use of spotlights, taillights, and cabin lighting fixtures synchronized with tune.

Tesla model Y 2022 comes with light show characteristic:

Everybody can create their very own custom shows using the unfastened open supply software xLights . You could even load suggests created by means of other creators and lead them to carry out for your own car.


  • Capable of sporting up to 7 passengers and cargo. The model Y gives 68 cubic feet of most ability. 
  • Autopilot designed to assist with using. 
  • Software gives Tesla a selection of protection functions which include automated emergency braking and blind spots.
  • The ease of a supercharger community for long-distance riding
  • Over-the-air updates to vehicle software
  • The EPA estimates a maximum range of 326 miles for the model Y lengthy variety, making it the following most efficient luxurious EV in the back of the version 3.


  • A less highly-priced base version isn't yet supplied, however may also come in the destiny.
  • The 15-inch touchscreen show can be distracting to a few. Weather manage, speedometer and different features are all on hand via the touchscreen.
  • Lacks telephone integration. Apple CarPlay and Android automobile are currently incompatible with the vehicle's software program. Users will ought to depend on the Tesla UI to handle music and navigation.

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Overall performance Vs. Long variety:

The 2022 Tesla version Y is available in two varieties: long range and performance . Each fashions have a similar interior and include dual-motor all-wheel pressure. However, they come with a few differences when it comes to overall performance.

The lengthy variety is presently the entry-level model in the model Y line, beginning at $sixty two,999. That variety comes with an EPA-rated 330-mile using variety, acceleration from zero to 60 in four.8s, and a top pace of one hundred thirty five mph.

The model Y overall performance is an updated variation of the long range, starting at $sixty seven,990. It has a slightly decrease range of 303 miles, however makes up for it with a better top pace of 155 mph. It also sports activities performance brakes and decreased suspension. 

Is upgrading to overall performance really worth it:

It relies upon on how you plan to apply your car. This could no longer be the nice upgrade if you care extra approximately variety over performance. For those who pick the excellent overall performance and velocity out of their automobile, then an upgrade will get you the first-class stats of a model Y construct.

Destiny Updates:

Numerous resources suggest that a brand new version Y may be around the nook. The EPA just indexed a brand new variant of the version Y with a number 279 miles.

It's been speculated that this may be the primary of Tesla's automobiles to include its brand new 4680 battery cells.

Tesla is operating on a brand new form of battery:

The 4680 battery cell become stated to offer six instances the electricity of preceding Tesla cells, and up to 5 instances the energy capacity.

  • The brand new battery mobile uses an innovative "tabless" design that removes the use of conventional tabs and simplifies manufacturing.
  • The 2022 Tesla version Y is a excellent access point to EVs if you're searching out a mid-size SUV with first-rate variety. Similar to lots of Tesla's other offerings, the model Y is constantly evolving with common software program updates. 

Those improvements assist make your vehicle safer and allow you to do extra with your vehicle. The roomy body and get entry to to Tesla's Supercharger network make it high-quality for folks that want to journey lengthy distances with family and all forms of bags.

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