Car insurance comparison and Which car insurance is the cheapest

If you have used comparison sites and direct insurers to compare, you can decide on an insurance contract that should best meet the minimum criteria that we recommend.

Where can you find cheap car insurance:

Car insurance can be canceled up to November 30 each year. You should start comparing your current insurance with other providers and tariffs early enough - which can be not only exhausting but also time-consuming.

But it's also quick and easy! Use a comparison portal and find the cheapest insurance that suits your needs. Simply enter the required information at Verivox , Tarifcheck or Check24 and wait for an offer.

If you look for tariffs on various comparison portals, you will quickly come across the cheapest car insurance. It is important that you do not only get information from one portal, because not all insurance companies are always represented there. If you ask an insurance company directly for a quote, you will almost certainly get a more expensive quote.

A comparison with direct insurers such as HUK24 is also worthwhile and will help you find the insurance that is cheapest for your needs.

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What car insurance do you need:

Basically, it is mandatory in Germany to take out at least one liability insurance for your car. This covers damage to third parties, but not your own damage. For this, a so-called comprehensive insurance is necessary. Most people choose comprehensive insurance to insure a new car, since damage to a new car can be quite expensive.

There are two types of comprehensive insurance:

Partial coverage insurance:

As the name suggests, partial casco insurance not only covers damage to third parties, but also your own damage. In most cases, damage caused by game, theft and storms on your own vehicle is covered - but only if you did not cause the accident yourself.

Comprehensive insurance:

  • You are on the safe side with fully comprehensive insurance. All partially comprehensive services plus vandalism and self-inflicted damage are covered by the insurance. 
  • If the car is totaled after an accident, the current value is replaced, not the new value.
  •  It makes no difference whether the accident was caused by yourself or someone else.
  • Of course, comprehensive insurance is always more expensive than liability insurance, so you should consider whether the value of the car and, accordingly, possible damage is high enough to accept a higher insurance premium.
  • If you want to insure an electric car, the battery should definitely be insured as well.

How can you save on car insurance:

The contribution is calculated depending on how high the insurance company assesses the risk of having to settle a claim. 

Some factors cannot be influenced, others are in your own hands and you can save money if you pay attention to a few things. However, correct information should of course always be given, because incorrect information can lead to nothing being paid in the event of damage and a penalty is also due.

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We have top five ways to save on car insurance:

1. Estimate annual mileage correctly:

One factor in calculating the contribution is the annual mileage. You pay more if you cover more kilometers a year. Think about how much you've driven on average in the last few years. Above all, include the daily trips, think of holiday trips and excursion destinations that are further away. It is better to be a bit more cautious about the mileage, otherwise you will pay a higher premium even though you don't drive that much.

As soon as you notice that the specified kilometers will not be enough for you - because, for example, you have already used up almost the entire mileage in September - you can report further kilometers to the insurance company. It's cheaper than paying more beforehand.

2. Prefer to pay annually instead of monthly:

With most insurance companies you get a small bonus if you pay the sum insured once a year and not every six months or even every month. It may seem cheaper at first not to have to raise the sum all at once, but that is deceptive. Especially with the monthly payment method - which is often not offered by cheap insurance companies - you often have to pay a significant surcharge.

When comparing the insurances, it may also be the case that you exclude some insurances that would actually have been suitable by using the "monthly payment" filter option.

3. Only let those who have to drive drive:

The fewer people drive a car, the cheaper the insurance is - because the risk is reduced. Normally, life partners or spouses are automatically insured at no additional cost, but if, for example, children are to be included in the group of drivers, the contribution can quickly become expensive.

Especially when novice drivers can drive the car, the risk of damage for the insurance company is extremely high, which leads to a very drastic increase in premiums. 

But drivers with experience also have an additional cost. Therefore, think carefully about who should or must drive your car.

4. Deductible can make sense:

If you have selected comprehensive insurance, you must specify when you take out insurance whether you want to agree on a deductible in the event of damage or not. This means that minor damage in the amount of the agreed deductible is borne by the vehicle owner himself. Only then does the insurance step in. A deductible has a positive effect on the insurance premium, which is then lower.

When taking out partially comprehensive insurance, the deductible is usually 150 euros, with fully comprehensive insurance usually 300 euros. Both values ​​can of course be adjusted individually.

5. Novice drivers inform themselves well in advance:

As a novice driver, you have a low no-claims class, which greatly increases the premium. Some insurance companies offer novice driver tariffs , but this is rather rare. It is important here that you choose the "right" car - because depending on the vehicle type, the costs vary enormously. Typical novice driver cars can have higher insurance costs than exotic models.

You should also check whether old insurance can be taken over or whether the vehicle can be insured as a second car , for example by a parent, which is significantly cheaper.

What damage does car insurance pay for:

What damage is covered varies from insurance to insurance and also from the tariff. However, there are standards that should at least exist in order for you to decide on car insurance. In the case of a comparison via Check24, Verivox or other comparison portals, the following criteria should be specified:

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Mallorca Policy:

  • This is actually included in most car insurance policies
  • This is an increase in the sum insured for rental cars in other European countries. 
  • The sum is then adjusted to the German level, which is usually significantly higher.
  •  This is especially important for liability insurance, because damage abroad can be just as expensive as at home.

Increased coverage:

The sum insured is the value up to which the insurer is liable for damage. If you agree on an increased sum insured, damage up to 50 or 100 million euros will be covered. 

That sounds like a lot at first, but if, for example, there is an accident with a pile-up, there are also personal injuries and expensive hospital stays - possibly consequential damage that entails further treatment. Then a normal sum insured can quickly no longer suffice.

The legal sum insured for personal injury is only 7.5 million euros - so much lower.

Especially for comprehensive insurance, the following points should also be insured:

Marten bites and consequential damage:

It is not uncommon for these really cute little animals to hide in cars and try to build a cozy nest, nibbling on hoses, cables and other things. Marten damage can cause high costs, especially if it is not noticed immediately and consequential damage occurs. It is therefore advisable to also insure this point.

No plea of ​​gross negligence:

What's that supposed to mean? This is a clause that should be included in your insurance contract. This means that damage to your own vehicle is also settled by the insurance company if you caused it through gross negligence. With this sentence, the insurer waives its right to assume gross negligence. 

  • Don't you need that? Unfortunately, it can happen quickly.
  • An example is if you caused an accident by going through a red light while speeding. That can happen and would fall under gross negligence.

What is not insured are driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as well as car theft caused by gross negligence.

Extended Wild Damage Coverage:

Normally, this point is already included as standard in the current insurance tariffs. If not, then you should book this as well, because otherwise the comprehensive insurance will only pay for game damage caused by furred game (deer or wild boar). With the extension, however, accidents involving other animals are also insured.

Why pay attention to comparison portals and direct insurers:

It is a well-known fact that two are better than one. Therefore, when comparing insurance, you should pay attention to both comparison portals and direct insurers such as HUK24 .

The comparison portals help you to get an overview of the tariffs and contributions and to sort out some tariffs in advance or to shortlist them. But all insurance companies cannot compare the comparison portals, because not every portal has a cooperation with every insurance company and displays the tariffs on the platform.

It is therefore advisable to compare on two comparison portals, for example Verivox and Tarifcheck , in order to increase the choice of insurers. Once you have done that, the third step would be to add a direct insurer such as HUK24 for comparison, because this is the best chance of finding the cheapest tariff.

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