The Toyota electric that will revolutionize the 4x4 can be seen in more detail

One of the electrics that has generated the most interest in recent months can be seen today in more detail. We are talking about the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV

 one of the thirty new electric cars that Toyota and Lexus presented to us as part of their ambitious electrification plan .

 The expectation around this electric SUV has been very high since then, as we are facing a kind of successor to the Toyota FJ Cruiser , also seeking to be the first electric Toyota capable of shining in 4x4 driving 

The first thing we must be clear about this model is that, although we are at a very early stage in the development of this car, Toyota has given the green light for its commercial launch . So we are witnessing the birth of a new electric at Toyota, an electric one that in one way or another will end up looking a lot like this prototype.

The Toyota electric that will revolutionize the 4x4 can be seen in more detail

The Toyota Compact Cruiser EV will hit the streets, seeking to be the brand's first electric vehicle capable of shining in 4x4:

Its exterior design, the work of the Toyota Europe design center located in Nice (France), seeks to be a tribute to the FJ Cruiser, but also to the already classic HDJ 80 and first generation Land Cruiser .

 To do this, a very muscular aesthetic loaded with strokes that highlight its proportions and shapes is used , finding bulky wheel arches, a clearly retro-inspired front and an image, in short, clearly off-road that seeks to enhance that neo-retro aesthetic that is so popular. fashion has been put as well show models like the Suzuki Jimny .

The essence of the new design:

  • In fact, the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV must also be understood as an evolution of the 2017 FT-4X prototype , a concept with which it bears a great resemblance in aesthetics, but also in terms of philosophy. 
  • And it is that Toyota intends to take the Compact Cruiser EV to the streets maintaining that essence of an SUV cut vehicle, compact in size, but capable of more than fulfilling off-road.

Electric all-wheel drive technology and design:

Unfortunately, Toyota has not wanted to offer technical details about what the production version of this model will be like, however, everything points to a launch not before 2024 and the use of the eTNGA platform on which the Toyota bZ4X is being manufactured . Starting from this base.

Toyota could give birth to a very interesting electric SUV, making use of the technology available on this new platform with up to 313 hp, the result of combining two electric motors and batteries of up to 71.4 kWh .

The Toyota electric that will revolutionize the 4x4 can be seen in more detail

production future:

In addition, taking into account the possibilities offered by the bZ4X, Solterra and RZ 450e models , all based on the same architecture, it is clear that Toyota is already exploring the potential of electric vehicles for off-road use , since I know how the Japanese firm intends electrify its entire range by 2030 .


  1. this looks amazing. Good luck to those working for the future with the latest technology

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