What is car insurance and the best online commercial car insurance

 car insurance

Business vehicles such as taxis and trucks that make a direct profit by transporting people and goods cannot be contracted with personal car insurance that covers private vehicles.

So in this article we are going to talk about commercial car insurance online for businesses.

 Unless otherwise specified, the content of this article is not Zurich insurance products, but general insurance product explanations

commercial car insurance online is an insurance that a company purchases for risk management of vehicles used for business, such as commercial vehicles and trucks.

In addition to reducing the risks associated with company vehicles, there are also business benefits, such as tax savings. Get the right knowledge about corporate auto insurance and use it effectively.

What is car insurance and the best online commercial car insurance

Characteristics of corporate auto insurance:

  • In the case of automobile insurance for corporations, in principle, the “policyholder” who is the policyholder, the “named insured person” who mainly drives the car, and the “owner” registered on the vehicle inspection certificate must all be under the same corporate name. 
  • is a condition of joining.
  • Corporate automobile insurance covers damages such as accidents during work, but compared to private comprehensive automobile insurance for individuals, the coverage necessary for corporations to do business is complete.
  •  and the contract content is Depending on the situation, it may be possible to cover the business profit and loss incurred due to accidents.

Difference between fleet contract and non-fleet contract:

A corporation that uses automobiles for business generally owns multiple vehicles, and if it owns 10 or more vehicles, a fleet contract is applied. Fleet contracts are usually for multiple vehicles of 10 or more vehicles, but recently some insurance  cars companies have also dealt with mini-fleet contracts for less than 10 vehicles. 

It is now possible. Fleet contracts are considered to be a great advantage in terms of insurance premiums, so we will explain in detail.

fleet contract:

  1. A fleet contract is a contract that collectively manages 10 or more company vehicles under one insurance policy.
  2. With a fleet contract, the insurance premium for each vehicle is considerably cheaper. In addition, even if a new contracted vehicle is added, the discount rate will be the same as for other vehicles, and only one insurance policy is required. 
  3. However, if one of the contracted vehicles is involved in an accident that requires a large amount of compensation, the insurance premiums for the following year will increase significantly as a result of the damage ratio affecting all vehicles. Therefore, you need to be very careful about accidents.

non-fleet contract:

  1. A corporation owning 9 or less cars will enter into an insurance contract called a non-fleet contract. The contract is for one car, and the discount rate for insurance premiums varies depending on the car
  2. Even if you cause an accident, it will not affect other cars, and you can set age conditions and add driver-only riders. Insurance premiums will be higher.

mini fleet contract:

Even corporations with 9 or fewer cars can have a fleet contract with some insurers. This is called a mini-fleet contract. 

The benefits are the same as with fleet contracts, such as discounts on insurance premiums cars according to the number of vehicles, and only one insurance policy is required.

Benefits of commercial auto insurance:

Discounts are great for fleet contracts with 10 or more company cars.

  • There is a special contract only for corporations
  • Even if it is called automobile insurance for corporations, the basic contract contents are almost the same as automobile insurance for individuals, but there are special contracts only for automobile insurance for corporations. For example.
  •  if you cause an accident while driving a customer's car during work, you will be compensated for property and bodily injury if you add a corporate borrowed car risk compensation rider.

 In addition, there are special contracts such as movable property special contracts for loading business, which are compensated when the cargo of the contracted vehicle is damaged due to an accident. It can be said that it is an advantage of corporate car insurance that you can add a special contract for such accidents at work.

be a tax saving measure:

By signing a car insurance contract under the name of a corporation, you can record it as a necessary expense of the company, which is also a tax saving measure.

Personal insurance grade can be inherited (non-fleet contract)

  • When you change from personal automobile insurance to corporate automobile insurance with a non-fleet contract, if the insured person is the same and certain conditions are met, such as becoming a corporation from a sole proprietorship, it is possible to take over the grade.
  •  Also, when changing from corporate to individual, if certain conditions are met, such as the insured being the same sole proprietor or running the same business, the grade can be transferred.
  • Is the corporate contract at an insurance agency? Recently, direct type is also an option
  • When purchasing insurance other than automobile insurance, you are concerned not only about the coverage, but also about the premiums. As for corporate auto insurance, there are few direct insurance companies that support it, so it seems that there are many cases where the contract is made through an insurance agent as usual.
  • However, there are some direct type insurance companies that deal with corporate auto insurance, so when considering corporate auto insurance, it is recommended to consider not only insurance agents but also direct type insurance companies. Recommended.
  • At that time, some types of cars and special cars cannot be insured, so check whether your car can be insured.

What is car insurance and the best online commercial car insurance

About Zurich Business Auto Insurance:

  • In Zurich , it is also possible to sign a contract under a corporate name.
  • Proposal of insurance premiums by risk segmentation such as mileage, company location, etc.
  • Same road service for contracts under corporate name
  • Emergency care desk for accidents and breakdowns available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • All contracts under a corporate name are quoted over the phone below.
  • 0120-861‐583 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 5:00 p.m., except year-end and New Year holidays)

Notes on corporate contracts:

All corporate automobile insurance contracts are quoted over the phone.

A corporation can own up to 5 units:

Modified cars, some luxury sports cars, cars with special equipment such as dump equipment and crane equipment, and cars that transport cargo for a fee may not be accepted.

At the end:

commercial car insurance online offers large discount rates and riders only for corporate auto insurance because you can make multiple contracts such as fleet contracts. This insurance is very important for company management as it leads to efficiency in office work and tax saving measures.

  • On the other hand, in fleet contracts for corporate automobile insurance, the discount rate is determined by the loss ratio, so if the accident frequency is high, the insurance premiums for all automobiles will be affected.
  • There are various types of automobile insurance for corporations, of course, as well as the product content, so when you purchase automobile insurance for corporations, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages correctly and consider them.

 Unless otherwise specified, the content of this article is not Zurich insurance products, but general insurance product explanations.

Regarding Zurich auto insurance The details regarding Zurich auto insurance introduced:

in this article may not be applicable to the contracted customer, depending on the policy start date and contract conditions. Please be sure to check the customer's insurance policy, contract, description of important matters, etc.

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