What is the body size of the toyota Tacoma and Specs, new car price, maintenance cost

What kind of car is the Toyota Tacoma? Explains specifications such as grade, body size, engine, new car price of Toyota Tacoma while touching history, such as relationship with Hilux. The Tacoma, manufactured and sold by Toyota North America, is a long-selling pickup truck that has gained popularity as a sister car of the Tundra.

What is North American Toyota Tacoma? Specs and new car price:

Toyota Tacoma (TACOMA) is a pickup truck produced and sold by Toyota North America. Although it is not officially sold in Japan, it has been known as one of Toyota's popular models with high annual sales for a long time since its launch in 1995.

While touching on the history of Toyota Tacoma, we will introduce its exterior, interior, specifications, new car price and maintenance cost .

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New Tacoma wheelsPart of the front suspension of the new Tacoma:

The teaser image of the new model of Toyota Tacoma has been released for the first time. The world premiere of the new Tacoma will be held at the Chicago Motor Show 2020 in February 2020.

  • The front bumper and fender flares are black and have a fearless impression, giving the styling a strong off-road taste. The feet are fitted with massive aluminum wheels in matte black.
  • The powertrain of the new Tacoma is expected to be a 2.7L in-line 4-cylinder engine (maximum output 161ps, maximum torque 244N) or a 3.5LV type 6-cylinder engine (maximum output 282ps, maximum torque 359Nm).

In addition, the cabin is expected to be equipped with a variety of advanced equipment, including an infotainment system compatible with Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa.

New 2019 Tacoma debuts at Chicago Auto Show 2019:

Front view of the 2019 all-new TacomaThe new Tacoma has a larger honeycomb mesh on the front grill compared to its predecessor.

The new 2019 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck will make its world premiere at the Chicago Auto Show. Pickup trucks are not very familiar in Japan, but the Hilux, which was revived in 2017, is a hit, so the genre is gradually becoming popular.

Rear view of the 2019 new TacomaA fearless rear view of the new Tacoma that feels like a pickup truck

Since it is a facelift version of Tacoma to be announced, it corresponds to minor changes and partial improvements in Japan.

In the past, not only the Hilux but also Mitsubishi's Triton and other pickup trucks were sold in Japan. Tacoma has a size that is easy to use even in Japan, so there is no official announcement of its introduction in Japan, but it would not be surprising if it was introduced at any time.

The history of Toyota Tacoma begins with the North American Hilux:

Toyota Tacoma's car name "TACOMA" is the word of North American Salish Indians. It has the meaning of "supplying water to the mountains " and represents "strength" and "power" .

The first generation Toyota Tacoma is an independent Hilux model with improved ride comfort and safety

First generation Tacoma exteriorThe first Tacoma went on sale in 1995:

The predecessor model of the Toyota Tacoma was the Hilux, and the Tacoma was an independent model of the Hilux with North American specifications.

The first generation Toyota Tacoma, which had improved load capacity, durability, ride comfort, and safety from the Hilux, appeared in 1995 and underwent minor changes in 2001 with a more distinctive front grille.

The second generation Toyota Tacoma is larger than its predecessor and adds power:

The exterior of the second-generation Tacoma2nd generation Tacoma appeared in 2005 Body size also increased

In 2004, the second generation Toyota Tacoma was born as the 2005 model, and was manufactured and sold until the full model change in 2015.

Compared to the first generation Toyota Tacoma, the body size and engine are larger, and the front grille and headlamps that are pushed forward are characteristic.

3rd generation Toyota Tacoma introduces common design with Tundra and 4Runner:

Exterior of the 3rd generation TacomaThe current 3rd generation Tacoma features a strong styling that pushes out

The current model, the third-generation Toyota Tacoma, has been on sale since 2015. While introducing the same design as the company's Hilux Surf (4Runner) and pickup truck Tundra, the front mask has an appearance that makes you feel the uniqueness of Tacoma.

Toyota Tacoma's exterior and interior features a fearless American style:

Powerful front mask of the new TacomaThe front mask has a dignified American form.

  • The exterior of the Toyota Tacoma has an American form. The front mask with a powerful impression catches the eye.
  • Side view of the new TacomaTacoma, which is more compact than Tundra, is recommended for American pickups in Japan

The Tacoma is one size smaller than the Tundra pickup truck of the same Toyota, but it still has such an overwhelming presence. When it comes to driving around in Japan, the Tacoma is the easiest to handle.

New Tacoma instrument panelInterior with black leather and strong sports color:

Leather is used for the interior, making it a sporty design.

Toyota Tacoma has powerful specs with large displacement of 2.7L and 3.5L

The current model Toyota Tacoma has six grades: SR, SR5, TRD Sports, TRD Offroad, Limited, and TRD Pro .

The regular cab and double cab are 5,392 mm long, 1,889 mm wide and 1,793 mm high . The double cab long bed is 5,727 mm long, 1,889 mm wide and 1,793 mm high, and the largest model is nearly 6 meters long. . Although it is a middle size pickup, it has a considerable size.

As for the engine, it is equipped with a 2.7L in-line 4-cylinder engine and a newly developed 3.5L V6 engine, and the traction force is 6800-lb (about 3084kg). The average actual fuel consumption is about 6-8km/L.

Toyota Tacoma's body color variations express individuality with all 10 colors:

The 2017 model Toyota Tacoma has a total of 9 colors, but the 2018 model Toyota Tacoma has a total of 10 colors.

Breathing Blue Pearl TacomaBLAZING BLUE PEARL super white tacomaSUPER WHITE silver sky metallic tacomaSILVER SKY METALLIC magnetic gray metallic tacomaMAGNETIC GRAY METALLIC midnight black metallic tacomaMIDNIGHT BLACK METALLIC Tacoma in Barcelona Red MetallicBARCELONA RED METALLIC quicksand tacomaQUICKSAND Inferno TacomaINFERNO cement tacomaCEMENT cavalry blue tacomaCAVALRY BLUE

In the 2018 model, BLACK has been changed to MIDNIGHT BLACK METALLIC, and CAVALRY BLUE has been added as a new color. It's a beautiful color that looks great off-road.

Cavalry Blue Tacoma with a strong off-road colorCavalry blue is an attractive body color with a strong off-road color

Toyota Tacoma's new car price is about 2.7 million yen in Japanese yen Maintenance costs are high because service is not available at domestic dealers

How much is the new car price of Toyota Tacoma? We have summarized the price of the new Tacoma by grade (in the case of 1 dollar = 107 yen calculation).

grade and the price:

  1. SR $25,200~ (approximately 2.7 million yen)
  2. SR5 $26,975~ (approximately 2,890,000 yen)
  3. TRD Sports $31,895~ (approximately 3.41 million yen)
  4. TRD off-road $33,150~ (approximately 3.55 million yen)
  5. Limited $37,140~ (approximately 3.98 million yen)
  6. TRD Pro $41,520~ (approximately 4,450,000 yen)
  7. Toyota Tacoma has 6 grades, so the price range is wide, and there is a difference of about 1.75 million yen between the cheapest SR and the highest grade TDR Pro.

The Toyota Tacoma is popular in the used car market in Japan, but it is often sold with unknown mileage, so it is sometimes difficult to know the condition of the car. If you are aiming for the cheapest car, you need to carefully assess the condition.

Toyota Tacoma's automobile tax is 16,000 yen if registered with 1 number. Other maintenance costs include vehicle inspection fees, insurance premiums, gasoline fees, and parking fees.

Also, keep in mind that parallel import cars may not be available for service at domestic dealers.

Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that has been loved for a long time:

Toyota Tacoma is attractive with a unique front mask that catches your eye. It is a middle-sized pickup truck that is smaller than the Tundra, but its compact silhouette is one of the reasons why many people are familiar with the Toyota Tacoma as a long-selling car. It is also recommended to freely enjoy customizing your favorite things such as wheels and headlamps.

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