The five Hot Wheels models you won't find in the toy section of the mall

Collecting cars is, for many, an inaccessible dream for obvious financial reasons. Which is why they collect those models… to scale. And in the world of small reproductions there is a brand that is present throughout the life of all 'petrolhead': from the time we are children until we become adults, whenever we can, we go through the toy section to have a look. a look at the Hot Wheels. You will not find these five specimens there... and even if they were, they are also out of our reach

1965 corvette stingray,1965 corvette

Hot Wheels 02:

Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Diamond Encrusted Otto – 131,400 euros:

This is not the kind of Hot Wheels you come across by chance. Mattel produced a single unit for a very special occasion: to celebrate, in 2008, the 40th Anniversary of Hot Wheels and the 4,000 million cars manufactured since 1968.

  • The bodywork is made of 18-carat white gold and covered with 2,700 blue, white and black diamonds: the taillights are red rubies. 
  • It was auctioned and purchased by an anonymous collector, but it is not known how much he paid for it. 

However, the value of the precious stones is 140,000 dollars (131,400 euros)... and it is assumed that the sale price of the car was much higher.

Hot Wheels 03:

Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb - 93,885 euros:

This is what many consider to be the rarest Hot Wheels in the world: it never went on sale because it was too narrow and heavy.

 Its design was modified to change the surfboards that were loaded from the rear (hence the 'Rear-Loading') for others that were located on the sides: this was the model that hit the stores.

There are several prototypes in different shades, but only two are known in pink: which is why they are the most valuable. It is estimated that this unit has a value of 100,000 dollars (93,885 euros).

Hot Wheels 04:

White Enamel Custom Camaro - 93,885 euros:

Until now, only one unit of this Hot Wheels has been found: it is one of the models produced by Mattel in 1968, but this is not what makes it such a special unit. It's your color.

Before manufacturing one of its small cars, the brand shaped a prototype and painted it with this white tone to check for imperfections. Some test units of this Chevrolet Camaro were packaged by mistake and ended up in toy stores. Of these, only this one is registered and has a value of about $100,000.

Hot Wheels 05:

Strawberry Over Chrome Mustang – 37,554 euros:

This Hot Wheels is a unique production because Mattel made it for an exhibition, in which the Over Chrome Camaro that was produced in series was also present. Unlike the one that reached all the stores, this one has the interior painted, too, in red... and, above all, it has been kept in its original box. The car is kept protected and in perfect condition. That is why it has a value of 40,000 dollars (37,554 euros).

Hot Wheels 06:

Over Chrome Camaro - 23,470 euros:

One of the first 16 cars that Hot Wheels built and sold was this Chevrolet Camaro. However, it has a particularity: it was created to participate in the brand's advertising actions and for this reason, its bodywork is dyed lime green. 

There are only twenty units with this finish: if we add to this that it belongs to the 'sweet sixteen' club, it is not surprising that its value is $25,000 (23,470 euros).

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