This is one of the cheapest and most unknown cars on the market, for €12,750 it is one of the great winners of the year

We are beginning a new year that will be marked, once again, by the rise in prices for new cars that has been dragging down the market in recent months. Manufacturers increasingly need to sell electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and full hybrids of all kinds. 

But the reality of buyers is quite different. This year, many drivers will renew their car and they will do so by betting on cheap products, for all budgets, that adapt to a tight budget and that in most cases will involve choosing cars with gasoline engines without hybridization.

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The product we are going to talk about today is one of the cheapest cars on the market despite the fact that, as we will see in this article, its price has increased in recent months. It is also one of the most unknown cars on the market despite having been one of the great winners of last year and one of the cars that has grown the most and has been growing the most in recent years .

Mitsubishi has a range of products that is currently reduced to two models and in which the Mitsubishi Space Star , available from €12,750, has become the brand's most popular car.

The Mitsubishi Space Star is now available from €12,750 (until a few weeks ago it started at €10,900), but now its standard equipment is much more complete

Mitsubishi Space Star Summer Offer 2022 39

One of the cheapest cars on the market in the 2023:

Until a few weeks ago, a Mitsubishi Space Star could be purchased from €10,900. There was a curiosity, increasingly rare in the automobile market, that the prices of this model had barely changed in recent years. 

  • Today the cheapest Mitsubishi Space Star starts at €12,750 , not because there has been a rise in prices for use, but because of the disappearance of the access version, with the Spirit line and that the cheapest version at the moment be the Motion line, which comes really well equipped as standard.
  • As we tell you, the Mitsubishi Space Star is no longer so cheap, but the access version of €12,750 (the price includes a €2,500 discount applied by Mitsubishi for financing the purchase at the dealer) comes much more equipped as standard . 

If until a few weeks ago the cheapest Space Star already included 14" alloy wheels, rain sensor and lights on, hill start system and Bluetooth , the access version now also adds cruise control, rear windows electric, touchscreen entertainment system and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and quality and aesthetic details such as leather-covered steering wheel and gear lever knob.

A very complete equipment that, without a doubt, is not usual in a car with this price.

The Mitsubishi Space Star has doubled its registrations in 2022 compared to 2021

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One of the big winners of the year of 2023:

The Mitsubishi Space Star continues to be a little-known car and, therefore, with a very modest registration volume and far from the leaders in its category. Even so, its sales have grown remarkably in the last year. In November, Mitsubishi had already sold twice as many Space Star units as in all of 2021.

And what alternatives exist in the market for those looking for an economical car?

  • The star purchase in the last year - and which will continue to be so in 2023, despite the fact that its price has increased by €1,000 - is undoubtedly the MG ZS from €13,990 , which offers us a spacious, attractive and well-equipped SUV . Serie.
  • The Dacia Sandero from €13,040 continues to be one of the most interesting economic cars on the market. It is no longer as cheap as it was a few years ago, but it comes better equipped as standard.
  • For €13,914, the Kia Rio is another of the most attractive economic cars and has in its range of micro-hybrid engines with which it can receive the DGT ECO label


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